Pubs Ready To Reopen

Is your local ready to reopen? Ahead of three months of lockdown one of the key components in British life is reopening this weekend: The Great British Pub. For many, the chance to meet with friends, socially distanced of course, and enjoy a pint or glass of wine will be a welcome relief from the strange times we are finding ourselves in.  In our latest blog, we suggest three of our products that can assist pubs in their reopening, keep their patrons safe and ensure that their staff are protected too. 

From the 4th of July pubs and bars will be able to reopen, albeit in a different fashion to before. Social distancing, reduced from 2m to 1m, will be in force and it is expected that there will be limited numbers of patrons inside at any given time. Certain pubs have reopened offering drinks to consume off premise but Saturday the 4th of July represents a large step forward for the majority of pubs across the country. 

Temporary changes to licensing laws will allow many more licensed premises, such as pubs and restaurants, to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises. Customers will be able to buy their drinks from a pub and consume them elsewhere, making social distancing easier.

Pubs and restaurants will be able to use car parks and terraces as dining and drinking areas, using their existing seating licenses. 

What does this mean for staff and customers?

Essentially, we are seeing a slight return to normality after the past three months and, as we have experienced with supermarkets and other businesses that have stayed open, there will be rules in place to ensure the safety of all. It is no secret that many pubs have closed down over the last decade and, according to The Guardian, some 13,000 pubs closed their doors between 2001 and 2018. Given the strain that Covid has placed on an already weakened industry, both publicans and punters  are clamouring to support their local. At Plastic Shop Screens we have worked hard to assist businesses across the country to reopen, from sneeze guards for offices to plastic counter screens for checkouts, our team have produced protective screens for numerous industries.

We have chosen 3 of our must have products for pubs that are reopening as a way to offer advice and assistance to this important industry. 

Plastic Counter Screen

Available in a variety of sizes, our plastic counter screens can be easily placed on a bar area. Available with or without cutouts, the screens can be placed side by side to cover larger areas and the cut out can be used to accept payments or pass food and drink through. 

Standing Floor Screen

A useful way to direct and separate customers, our standing floor screens offer a barrier from the floor to keep people apart. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, the free standing floor screens can be placed at 1m intervals along the front of the bar to form booths and direct customers to staff. 

Office Desk Dividers 

It is not just the front facing staff that need protection. Our office desk dividers are made from foam filled PVC and create physical barriers on desks. Ideal for backroom staff in the office, this welcome addition helps to further protect non-customer facing team members. 

Of course, hand sanitiser and social distancing are an integral part of a reopening strategy and we believe that our easy to assemble, easy to clean products can assist pubs in their reopening. On behalf of all of the team at PSS, we raise a glass, say cheers and wish the very best for pubs, their staff and customers this weekend.