Protective Counter Screens

Protective counter screens offer an easy to install, durable solution to businesses who want to reduce the risk of contamination and to install a clear, physical screen to protect their employees and customers against germs spread through coughing or sneezing. 

Designed to assist businesses who require an extra layer of protection, our polycarbonate, transparent screens are easy to install on checkout counters and tills, work counters and wherever face to face interaction takes place both between employees and with customers.  Produced specifically for independent retailers and shops, each of our protective plastic (robust Polycarbonate) screens are quick and easy to assemble, easy to clean and durable. 

We offer a next day delivery service, made to order sizing and discounts on bulk orders. Discuss your requirements with our team via or on 01928 79020.

Protective Plastic Counter Shields & Barriers

Available in three sizes and made to order, each of PSS’ protective plastic screens are designed and manufactured in house to the highest standards using precision engineering design tools, CNC machines and industry leading production methods. 

An adaptation of sneeze guards that have been commonplace in the foodservice industry, plastic counter top screens help businesses to stay open and reassure both customers and employees of the methods that are being taken to safeguard their wellbeing. 

Anti-Virus Screens For Checkouts, Till & Countertops

As Coronavirus cases continue to rise across the UK, businesses are taking protective methods through the installation of transparent screens for checkouts, tills and countertops in order to combat and reduce the rate of infection. The transparent, free standing counter screen offers a physical barrier screen to stop germs being spread through direct coughing and sneezing; ensuring your clients and employees feel safer and valued when interacting with your business. 

Contact Plastic Shop Screens

At PSS our aim is for businesses and the general public to return back to work and to shop with confidence. For more information and to discuss your requirements, contact our team via or on 01928 79020.

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