At Plastic Shop Screens we constantly seek to work with our clients and wider industries to improve our product offerings. Following on from extensive communications with various offices and groups across the country, we are pleased to announce our new range of sneeze guards for offices and office desk dividers   and protective screens for counters.

Office Desk Dividers

Based on the extensive feedback received, our engineers have created a lightweight, sturdy and portable solution for workstations, communal areas and office desks. Given the shortage of clear Polycarbonate across Europe, we created a desk divide from white, foam filled PVC that is equally robust as its transparent counterpart. Available in a range of sizes and costed to reflect the nature of businesses that have large purchasing requirements, our latest designs continue our tradition of producing high-quality products that help businesses to reopen and to protect their employees and clients. 

Sneeze guards for offices 

Available in three sizes, our clear sneeze guards for offices offer a formidable barrier to protect clients and staff, Engineered and manufactured in house, the range contains three sizes that can be placed on reception desks. Whats more, extensive communications with hotel chains also have revealed that these screens are the perfect solution to hotel reception desks. 

On our range, Director Christopher Marmion says:

“We are delighted to be able to offer an enhanced range of products that meet the needs of various industries. Given our extensive knowledge of the market, design and manufacturing capabilities we are proud to be able to offer solutions to businesses across the country and to assist in their back to work strategies.”

For more information about any of our products, and to contact our team, call 01928 790209 or email