Delivery Update June 2020

Welcome back to the Plastic Shop Screens blog where we bring you the latest developments of our protective counter screens, sneeze guards for offices and more. In today’s blog we update our customers and future clients over a slight increase in our shipping times.

As the UK, glady we add, begins to reopen we are excited by the prospect of helping businesses across the country with their plans to reopen. As we all have experienced, the last 3 months have been a dramatic change to our way of life with, seemingly, no area of our lives not being affected. 

During the last 3 months we have been proud to assist businesses with their plans and have been overwhelmed by the kind messages, support and custom from across the country. In May we detailed shortages of raw material entering the UK which, due to exceptional forward planning by our team, we were able to mitigate by ordering over 50% of the Uk’s entire raw polycarbonate supply. 

As the stock begins to run out we have, once again, placed a large order with our suppliers in order to keep up with the high demand for our screens that we are experiencing. As such we are experiencing a very slight delay to the orders that are coming in meaning that shipping now is 5-7 days instead of our previous 3-5 days.

As raw material beings to enter our plastic fabrication team are doing all they can to manage the processes and it is a credit to their professionalism and ability to see the fantastic job they are doing. We do not believe that this delay will continue for an extended period of time and want to thank you customers for their patience in this moment. 

We advise clients who are looking to purchase to do so as stock is being allocated on a minute by minute basis due to the high volume enquiries we are receiving from independent business, blue chip companies and multi-location stores across the UK.

For more information, contact our team via or on 01928 790209. Once again all of the team at PSS would like to thank our customers, friends and followers for their continued support.