Craftsmanship at PSS

Welcome back to the Plastic Shop Screens blog where we bring you the latest in our sneeze guards for offices, sneeze guards for beauty salons and protective counter screens. As the UK begins to get back to a sense of normality and shops across the land start to reopen we wanted to take the opportunity to focus on the team of engineers, designers and fabricators who have been the backbone of our company,


At the start of the pandemic it became very much apparent that many businesses across the country were in need of assistance with their PPE and protective screens. Every one for a challenge, our team set about designing screens that would be easy to assemble and clean, wouldn’t damage the surface on which they were installed and would offer value for money. As part of NCA, known for its acrylic plastic prototyping service, our experienced team began designing screens to match the needs of the UK. Inspired by the concept of easy to install, the screens were designed to slot together in order to ensure that they would be simple. What’s more, during the design phase, unlike many competitors, we decided to use a thicker PVC sheet that would be both more sturdy and look more visually appealing. 


Based out of our sister company in the North West, Plastic Shop Screens drew from the wealth of experience and the manufacturing capabilities of NCA Ltd. A core product of the company are its extruded acrylic tubes and plastic fabrication, due to the nature of the business we switched production from industrial pieces to creating our plastic screens. Our fully modern workshop ramped up production as demand grew and it is a credit to our teams for their ability to handle the workload and change in the nature of the work they undertook. 


Rapidly switching both design and production to producing plastic screens, we are overwhelmed by the positive support from local and commercial businesses across the UK. Our team has performed excellently throughout the last three months and we would like to thank them for their dedication and hard work that has enabled businesses to reopen and to protect their staff and customers. 

Once again, Plastic Shop Screens would like to state our commitment to assisting businesses with their PPE needs. For more information on our products and to speak to our team, contact the main office via or on 01928 790209.