Plastic Shop Screens is a subsidiary of NCA Ltd who specialise in the fabrication, production and development of precision engineered plastics. For over 40 years our business has worked with the oil & gas, medical and food services industry to consistently deliver exceptionally designed products. 

For more than three weeks our business has been inundated with increasing demands for plastic counter screens, clear visors and desk dividers as the UK workforce adapts and changes to the new measures introduced by the government to control and limit the spread of the virus.

Due to the lack of supply offered to small and medium businesses, we have decided to offer our products to independent retailers and smaller businesses who may find it hard to source and procure due to large corporations purchasing much of the UK supply. 

Our goal is to provide the highest customer service and quality products to assist businesses that are currently open and for those who will no doubt reopen in the coming weeks with strict measures in place. Designed to offer protection to both employees and customers, our products help to reassure all as to the preventative measures being put in place by responsible business owners.

The easy to install, hardwearing products are designed to reduce contamination through coughing and sneezing by creating a physical barrier. 

For more information and to discuss your requirements, contact our teams via or on 01928 79020.